Getting ready for 2013: new projects!

If you subscribe to my not-really-weekly newsletter or my facebook page, you already knew a little bit of what I’ve been up to…

Over this past month, in whatever little free time I get, I’ve been working on designing worksheets. I’m a big fan of lists, and seeing things visually really helps me plan things out and just get my mind organized. So I searched and searched online, and found a few that were sort of helpful, but nothing really what I wanted or needed. So I figured I’d make my own!


List My Life is a series of worksheets I’m developing that will hopefully help me, and others, just get things, including our thoughts, organized. Right now they’re just worksheets, BUT this is just the start of this project and I’m excited to see how this will grow.

I am not getting into life coaching. These are worksheets without the coaching, but can be used in conjunction with any sort of life coaching/planning program you’d like.*

I currently have worksheets for general life & goals, food & meal plannings, and blog planning. And as a special gift to all of you… I have a 2013 sampler pack you can download. These are basic sheets, mainly to give you a taste of the design. Below are a few others in the series…

*UPDATE* Now also available in a “dude” version. AKA, more masculine colors available to download now.


I’ll be fixing up the website, which will be the home to these worksheets and a lot more!

This is just the first of hopefully many many projects I’m starting in 2013.

If you have any feedback on the worksheets, or worksheets you’d love to see made, let me know!

*If any of you are life coaches or launching new projects yourself, I am available for design work for all your worksheets and even eBooks! I can even go beyond PDF and format your work for ePub as well. Contact me if you’re interested!