getting ready to go! go! go!

I feel like I just got home from my holidays with my family, and I’m already gearing up to leave again. It makes trying to get into some sort of routine, or you know, get back to my old one, extremely difficult.

It’s making getting used to new routines, or even going back to old ones, rather difficult. Getting up by 6:30am? It’s a struggle. Attempting to get out of bed before 6:30am? HA. Fat chance. Trying to get the appropriate groceries so that I can start cooking real meals again? Not so easy when you’re leaving for a week in a few days. (I want ALL THE FOODS.) And work? Trying to get caught up all while making sure everything will run smoothly while I’m gone…

I feel like I have a million things to do and barely any time to do them! Laundry and cleaning and calls to make and classrooms to get ready and schedules to arrange and more cleaning and merch to count then pack* and my bags to pack and graphics to design and… Not to mention, yes, I feel bad leaving my cats for yet another week so soon after getting home.

But this is just what tour is like. As soon as you get back from one thing, you’re getting ready for the next. It’s not too different than other aspects of life—constantly moving from one project to the next—but this is from place to place, show to show. Luckily, life’s not all go! go! go! … And I’m looking forward to tour not just for the shows but also just the fun times we’ll have together on the road. Some of my favorite memories are between concerts or states.

So while I’m super excited to head out to the east coast, it’s just hard to believe it’s happening so soon! And here’s hoping that when I get back on the 15th I’ll be able to get back into some sort of normal routine, because I have a lot of goals to work towards!

*seriously, the amount of merch we have is crazy. Buy our stuff so I have less to count. Please.