some things that have been going on…

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be both a productive and relaxing weekend.

Here are some things that have been going on or are about to happen…

New Years Eve
It was a blast. I had some good sushi for dinner. The Mucca show was phenomenal and I got to see another favorite band of mine, Jon Drake & The Shakes. There was a great NYE countdown cheer. I rocked my new black tube socks, and I got a Jon Drake shirt! Just spending with great people… not sure I could ask for much more.

Wii U
I’m starting a new game once I get back from tour. Just trying to figure out which one! Options are: Marvel Avengers, Assassin’s Creed 3, Epic Mickey 2, and ZombiU. Also related: a #NintendoEnthused Wii U party coming soon!

I’m sort of really looking forward to disconnecting while on tour. It didn’t start out as something I intentionally did, but I just get so wrapped up in enjoying the tour that I don’t even think about social media or the internet. I don’t have to worry about any drama or bad/negative attitudes, just enjoy the company of the amazing people around me.

Writer’s Studio
My class starts on Tuesday. Of course, I won’t be there… but classes are starting up again! New instructor. Same classmates (minus one). A lot of writing needs to get done. (Which is why I’ve stepped back from other projects/responsibilities.)

Overall, I’m doing well. There are a few small annoyances here and there… but you know, you can’t let them ruin your day. Just got to breath, and move past it. Some things are out of your control and you’ve got to accept it.

Anyway. I’m happy. I’ve got 7 days with some of my favorite people ever coming up, and it’ll do me some good.