Thank You.

Thank you work for letting me take the time off to go on tour.

Thank you cats for not destroying the house while I was gone, and for all the cuddles when I returned.

Thank you Leather Bus for making it through the trip and the mountains and the narrow roads.

Thank you Homestays for letting us take over your homes, use your showers, and give us a place for much needed sleep.

Thank you venue staff for helping us load in and get the audio set up, for helping get the merch areas set  up. Thank you Webster Hall merch staff for selling and counting for us and taking care of all our merch.

Thank you show-goers, for dancing and supporting our group. Especially those who came to multiple shows this tour. To all that bought merch from me.

Thank you journalists and photographers for all the great reviews and photos and videos, for really warming our hearts by all the great coverage.

Thank you Gorilla Coffee for the best hot chocolate I had all trip.

Thank you Millers Pub for restarting the fryers for us so we could finally get some food after a long day of traveling, as well as the good bar company.

Thank you friends I haven’t seen in a while for coming out to shows and saying hi.

Thank you Momma for checking in on me, and for the foot bath & soak which felt so amazing when I got home.

Thank you Bossman Jacob for always taking care of things, for driving the bus (through ridiculous streets), for looking out for me, and for just generally being the awesome person that you are. (And for convincing that coffee shop in Brooklyn to make a hot chocolate for me even though their machines were down.)

Thank you Nicole for making all the arrangements.

Thank you Mucca drivers for getting us around safely.

Thank you Vanessa for not only making me giggle a lot, but for reminding this girl that certain guys aren’t as awesome as our heart makes them seem.

Thank you Nick & Susie for a fun day walking all over Manhattan and SoHo.

Thank you Sam for always coming to help me pack the merch bins.

Thank you Ela for making pickles.

Thank you Tony and the guys of K12 for the cupcake.

Thank you Muccas for all the love and support you’ve shown me over the years, for making me feel like part of this big, crazy, smelly family. For unknowingly helping me through a hard time. For all the jokes, for all the smiles, for all the hugs. For sharing cat pictures and passing notes under hotel doors. For sharing snacks and food. For listening to me ramble on about nothing. For helping me carry my shrimp. For always looking out for me. For being the wonderful, talented, and amazing people that you are. I love you all.

Thank you Jacob, Mark, Meghan, Vanessa, Tim, Jessica, Sharon, Ronnie, Gary, Jeff, Greg, Rick, John C., Larry, Andy, Dorff, Paul, George, Tony, Brent, Broste, Ela, Ellis, Smith, Levine, Justin, Susie, Sam, and Nick for such an amazing tour.