Goals Update: January

All right, one month almost done. It’s been busy, but good.

It was a trying tour for me due to some personal things, but it was a very good tour. As you know, I’m very proud of my Mucca Family.

I’ve missed two of the four classes this month. Not off to a good start that way, BUT I’m making good progress on a revision and will hopefully complete this story this term. Not doing so well on dedicating time each week for writing, but getting there.

I’ve either been on the road or sick or just too busy to start anything. I have things I’d like to start/pick up again, but taking them one step at a time.

Well, I had water damage in my ceiling and it’s been a crazy adventure. Finally making progress after a week of working on it. Also, my apartment is feeling more and more like home. Thinking of spending another year there… maybe more if I can finally get over having my windows in the alley. Reorganizing has helped a lot. And curtains.

I’ve got one debt completely paid off. Working on a student loan. And credit card is coming along. Sadly had the unexpected expense of needing a new winter coat during the coldest weak. But I’ve got my federal taxes filed, getting ready for state.

HA. Well, dating-wise at least. As for non-romantic relationships… doing a lot better at not stressing over people who shouldn’t be an issue to begin with.

Insurance will finally cover my endo, so it’s time to get more scans and see how I’m doing. Wisdom teeth still need out. And still have to schedule my blood work. Currently getting over the flu, so I feel a bit beat right now.

Things I want to keep working on/towards:
Healthy eating! Planning on getting a juicer soon. Between that and my new blender, going to have some tasty beverages in my home!
Monthly budgets! I’m not really a fan of mint any more, so I want to find a new tool to help me track where my money goes.
Join a gym? I sort of live in a fitness desert, but I’ll find something I like that’s not too inconvenient to get to.
No hair cuts! I haven’t had a hair cut since May. I’d like to get my hair past my shoulders since I haven’t had that for almost 7 years…

I currently feel beat, but things are going ok. Just going to rest as much as possible, and take it easy this weekend.

How are your goals going?

Also, if anyone has any tips for budgeting/financial tools, other than mint, that work for you, please share!!