I’m really particular about…

I have to give credit to this blog topic to Renee. I think it’s really interesting. Like others, I tend to think of myself as easy going, but I definitely have my particularities…

I’m really particular about where things are placed. It’s sort of a personal space/belongings issue, but I don’t really like when people come in and mess around with things. I actually have the spot for my computer at work marked off on my desk because the cleaning ladies would move it around so much. This also relates to intangible things—basically, don’t mess with the tabs on my browser.

I’m really particular about my inbox. I’m not an “inbox zero” person, but I do want everything to be on one page. So anything over 50 messages and I get twitchy. Ideally I like to keep it to 20 messages.

I’m really particular about my deodorant. I pretty much only use Dove’s sensitive skin. Anything else irritates me.

I’m really particular about shopping, or my likes. Once my mind is made up on a product or brand, it’s really hard to sway me otherwise. It makes me a terrible gift receiver because even though you may have gotten me the appliance/whatever I wanted, it wasn’t the exact brand that I researched and fell in love with. I’ll still appreciate it, it just takes me a moment to get over myself/my expectations.

I’m really particular about food. No necessarily about what to eat, but when I’ll eat what. I love parmesan-garlic lima beans, and there are some weeks when I could eat that every night for dinner. But if you put that in front of me tonight? I might wrinkle my nose at it. My mom especially was not fond of this particularity of mine. Luckily I’m out growing it.

I used to be really particular about my nail polish. I would only buy or use Essie. Now I’m sort of getting out of the polished nail phase, so I’m becoming indifferent as I just don’t paint my nails often.

I’ve had some of these things not go my way, and you know what, it’s not the end of the world. (Well, except the deodorant thing. I’d rather go without than something that’d bother me all day.)

What are you particular about?