lose-win: I must be crazy.

Photo on 2-5-13 at 1.49 PM

I am definitely the type of person who feels like fad diets, and any sort of diet that comes from a book are a waste of time and money. 100%. They don’t work long term, there is no miracle, we already know the important parts: eat healthy and be active. Yet here I am holding my very own copy of a diet book.

Last week a coworker and I got to talking, and she brought up this book: “It’s about portion control, and small meals throughout the days, there’s lots of smoothies and soups, and.. and..” … and next thing I know I’m saying “hey, I’ll do this with you.” Five minutes later Amazon had confirmed my order.

Am I skeptical about this? Yes. Would I like to eat better? Yes. And honestly, would I like to lose some weight? Yes. I like my comfort foods, I enjoy my junk foods, and I also like to eat throughout the day. Well, at least with this plan I do get the whole eating throughout the day thing. Four meals a day, four snacks a day. When I looked at the schedule for week one, it pretty much followed my current eating patterns already. (Minus the weekends when it was sort of a few really long meals/extended time when I was shoving food in my face, separated by naps.) And yes, this plan does have exercise included in it as well.

At the end, I’m out $17 for the book including shipping. But, it does have a fair number of recipes in the book, so I don’t feel like it would ever be a lose-lose situation. I wouldn’t mind a lose-win situation: lose the weight, win at being healthy…

While, yes, I do think about the numbers and sizes and such, the main thing I’m also thinking about what I’m putting into my body. I’m not obese, I just want to take better care of myself and just feel good about myself–ok, I already feel pretty good, I’d like to feel better than good.

It’s a six-week plan, and since the book just came in today, I’m probably going to start on the week of the 18th. Which means I’ll finish at the end of March. Totally doable. The blog isn’t going to turn into a health/diet blog, but I will be posting updates on my progress, maybe even sharing recipes and such.

We’ll see if this works! (Both me sticking to it and the diet itself.)

Oh, and in case you missed it on twitter, I vlogged last night. Another thing I’m debating whether I’ll stick with it or not…