The Warby Parker Experience: What I’ve learned from 4 home try-ons…

I absolutely LOVE my Warby Parker Sims. They were in my first home try-on (HTO).

I talked about it some previously. I ordered my first HTO on October 21st. I ordered my first pair of frames, the Sims, on October 24th. I ordered my second HTO on October 30th.

The experience was so good, I had to do it again. Fast forward to now, and I’m on my fourth HTO. And I’ve got a top three. And a list for the next 5 glasses I want to try on.

Now, after trying on 20+ frames at home and probably the entire collection at the showroom, I’ve learned a few things.

1) It’s not bad to try on a lot of frames. And I mean a lot. Do as many home try-ons as you’d like. Try on the pair that catches your eye but you think “that’s not me…” Do it. Try them on. Worst thing that can happen is you can say “Yep, these don’t work on me.”

2) Ask friends and family. I have mine delivered to work, and once I do a private try-on in my office, I go ask my coworkers. They’re not my best friends, but they see me 5 days a week. They’re also going to give me an honest opinion.

3) Take pictures of yourself. But know this: lighting and angle make a HUGE difference. Pretty much any frame will not look terrible if you’re not looking directly square on. A slight angle can make a not-so-great looking pair of frames suddenly look a lot better. (I mean, see the photos below, where I’m cheating in most, if you don’t believe me.) THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. It’s deceiving. Look your camera head on and take a picture. You don’t have to share the picture with anyone, but it’ll help actually see how they look on your face. I know you want to take the most flattering picture, but stop. It’s just a camera trick and you might end up with frames that aren’t best suited to your face.

4) Trying on frames with non-prescription lenses is hard without your much needed prescription. I’m happy that I’m mostly near-sided, so I could get within a foot or so of my mirror and still see myself.

5) If you have other friends who love Warby Parker as much as you do, try ordering your HTOs at the same time. This means twice the number of glasses to try on. Turn it into a HTO party.

6) I prefer the HTO versus the showroom visits. While it’s awesome that the studio has the entire collection for you to try on, I had a hard time feeling confident and comfortable enough to make a decision. I mean, had I gone with the studio visit alone, I’d be wearing Zaggs right now instead of my Sims. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Zaggs, they’re a good frame, but the Sims fit me so freaking well.)

7) In the end: go with what you love. It’s your face–granted, you don’t have to see it every day–but still, it’s your face. If you love them, buy them.

I was never really able to think of glasses as an accessory, or part of my wardrobe. They were always just the $400+ things I needed on my face to make sure I could see. But glasses are really affordable now. I get my Warbies for $90. (Bonus for the 30-day returns, so if you decide to change your mind, you can do so.)

I’m pretty sure by the end of the year, I’ll probably have 3 pair of optical glasses and at least 1 pair of prescription sunglasses. (Something I have to go into the showroom to try on.)

PS – Also, when in doubt, tweet @WarbyParkerHelp. They’re amazing people.