at the edge of something good…

The idea of being a writer has always been romanticized for me. Just the very notion that a person could spend all day—their whole life writing, and somehow make a living from it. I think of Hemingway or Bukowski, sitting at a bar all day drinking and smoking, preferably on an island somewhere. Or maybe living somewhere on the northern California coast with the mountains not too far off, and all the trails and field and the dramatic beaches and cliffs.

But I know these weren’t perfect lives. And I know how hard it is to make a career as a writer. It’s almost as if the only way to really make it is to be one of those writers who put out 4 books a year or the one-in-million chance to have some crazy best selling hit that’s a series with a movie deal. But “true writers” aren’t in it for the money, right?

Writing is always my passion, and will be. But a career? I was talking to my mom last night regarding this, and how I knew it’d be challenging. We talked a little about figuring out some game plan. Build up a portfolio, find an agent, submit like crazy. But there’s so many questions that I have.

I feel like I’m on the edge of something good. That I can almost reach it, I just need one final shove and I’m there. One final leap.

As it sits now:
– I have 2 finished, and I mean finished, stories. I’d give them one more pass through revision, but they’re done. One short story, the other flash fiction/prose poetry.
– I’ve got 4 pieces that are done, but need to be finished. They’re completed stories, but I need to revise them and really polish them up.
– I’ve got 4 stories with a good start to them. Two of which have potential to be novels, one probably a series.
– I’ve got 2 stories waiting to get started—I’ve outlined and done some research for them, but need to actually start writing.
– And I’ve got a whole notebook full of notes, scribbles, scenes and ideas. Two of them I felt were so well worded I included them in my writing sample that got me accepted into U of C.

I’m at the edge of something good… I’ve just got a lot of writing a head of me.