TLC Book Tour: The First Warm Evening of the Year

The First Warm Evening of the YearThis is my first review with the TLC Book Tours, and well, I’m off to a slow start since I’m not finished with the book yet.

The First Warm Evening of the Year intrigued me at first it’s an adult novel about love: how we experience it and who we choose. I’ve been reading almost nothing but short stories or YA lately, that I thought this would be a nice title to ease back in to the world of adult literature—and I mean adult as in more cerebral, not sexually.

So far I’m having a hard time connecting with the characters and keeping interest in the book. However, not enough so that I’m going to give up on the book. (This also might be due to all the external distractions I’m dealing with. I sort of wish I could be sitting on a nice adirondack chair on a dock, just like the cover, reading this book… That cover is warm and inviting right? And the title? I think that drew me in the most when I requested this one.)

The concept, though, is set up almost idealistically—two people meet due to the death of a mutual friend, and a relationship is formed… Almost feels too fiction-y for me. Do people really fall in love at first site after the death of a friend? Included with the story are notes from the author. Which, yes, I read before starting the book. “I also wanted to use dialogue to advance the plot and the story, as well as show what the characters are thinking and feeling.” And I feel bad for being judge-y  but yeah, that’s what dialogue does and should do. Or rather, dialogue is what people do to each other.

As I said, I’m going to push through the book. I’m also going to give my copy to my mom as I feel like she’s got a broader reading range and might really enjoy this. As of right now, I can’t really recommend for or against the book since I’m middle of the road about it myself. Not a bad book, but I doubt it’ll make my top 10, even after I finish it.

tlc tour hostAs part of the TLC Book Tour I received a copy of this book for free. I was not paid for my review and all opinions and poorly constructed thoughts are indeed my own.