The D-Word: Week 1


As of Monday, I officially started my diet. The dreaded D-Word I don’t quite care for.

I decided to keep of a journal through out this. Not of calories and ounces, or even pounds… But just to keep track of what I was eating and how it made me feel. Nothing fancy.

So far I’ve found that some of my favorite snacks are sugar free jello (which is only 10 calories for those of you counting!), and clementines. Favorite meals typically are soups, mainly Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato soup. It’s amazing.

For the lunches, I sort of like the repetitiveness of the meals—which might have more to do with how much I love the soup. But for dinner, the idea of having 5 oz of fish, turkey, or chicken each evening isn’t that appealing. Might not help that I only have salmon at home for the time being. But hey, I can make some amazing salmon, so not a terrible thing.

photo (20)

Cajun salmon with veggies. It tasted amazing. So good. But I was still hungry. In fact, that meal was on Tuesday, and I was hungry all day. I cheated on the first two days—granted, I sort of knew that was going to happen on the first day since Mucca has a new residency gig at a brewery and it includes a (freaking fantastic) meal. Every Monday until April. It’s amazing. ANYWAY.

But yesterday I did pretty well. And I’m doing pretty well today. I’m trying to pay attention to how certain foods make me feel—like the string cheese made me feel like crap, but the sugar free jello, sweet potato soup, and Goldfish crackers are things I really enjoy eating. I also wasn’t able to get an exercise bike like I was hoping because the person never showed up.

I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that it feels like I’m eating all the time. I mean, here’s my schedule:
7:30 – Meal 1
10:00 – Snack 1
11:30 – Meal 2
1:00 – Snack 2
3:30 – Meal 3
7:00 – Meal 4
8:30 – Snack 3
… I think snack 3 was supposed to be between Meal 3 and Meal 4, but these are the times at the front of the chapter for this week. And between 5-6 I’m on a bus going home anyway, so it’s not like I’d have a chance to eat anyway. I generally just eat Meal 4 a little earlier. But it just feels like I’m constantly taking at break at work to go grab my next meal or snack.

I’m hoping that I get used to all the eating. And it’s been sort of a fun challenge trying to figure out how to make sure these meals don’t get monotonous. I’m half way through week one, and so far it’s not to bad.