Why Chicagoans freak out over every bit of snow…

It may seem crazy that every time you get on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram everyone in the Midwest, namely Chicago, absolutely freaks out every single time there’s any little bit of snow.

I know some people are saying just to get over it, it’s only snow… But you see… We can’t just do that.

Chicagoans will always find something to complain about, that’s just human nature. But there’s this crazy sense of pride that we can stick it out through these harsh, cold, and snowy winters.

Remember the Blizzard of 2011?

I was in Indiana a the time, and I was actually sort of jealous to miss such a massive storm. I mean, thundersnow. It was scary, and yes, people were stranded on Lake Shore Drive before abandoning their vehicles and making a run for it… But Chicagoans went out and we owned this storm, it was ours. People near in the high rises near the drive came out with hot drinks and went out to help those who were stuck.

We were all ready and prepared for another Snowmageddon, survivors of the Snowpocalypse. And you know what, we didn’t even care about another season of parking dibs. But the following winters? Sadly mild. Normally by this time in the season we’ve had 27-inches of snow. This year? Only 14-inches.

We miss snow.

The beautiful, and sometimes bitter, winters help balance out the also beautiful but humid summers. Spring and fall are just rainy, but hey, the temps are perfect. This craziness of random 60-degree weather in the middle of January just doesn’t cut it. Give us our snow!

Chicago has four whole seasons, and we just want our real Chicago winter back.