#NintendoEnthused Weekend Update: Parties and game reviews

So we already past 2 months with the Wii U. And yes, each day a love it a little more.

Big highlights: Wii U Party!

On January 26th I hosted a Wii U party in my home. Two very awesome Wii U representatives came over to help facilitate. Nintendo also ordered my favorite bbq for me and my guests.

Since I live alone, I haven’t gotten a chance to play the multiplayer games on the Wii U. Nintendo Land has a lot of them. My favorites were Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, Mario Chase, and Animal Crossings: Sweet Day. New Super Mario Bros was also a lot of fun in multiplayer, though definitely chaotic at times.

Anyway, the Nintendo party was so much fun, I’m planning on doing them monthly.*

Game Reviews:

avengersMarvel Avengers: Battle For Earth
I received this game from Ubisoft through the UbiChamps program. I was excited about a fighting game, and one that has super heros? Yes, please. However, Avengers just didn’t live up to the hype. The game controls were awkward. When using the gamepad, you fight by selecting your move then tracing a shape. With the Wiimotes, you select the move with the d-pad then perform a move. You could probably get used to these repetitive moves eventually, but for me I guess I was looking for either button mashing or something closer to Wii Boxing. If I was a 7-12 year old boy? Yeah, maybe I’d give it more time.

epicmickey2Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
I actually won this game from a Disney blog. I’d heard good things about Epic Mickey for Wii, and was hoping to be able to just jump right in with Epic Mickey 2. There is a lot of cute story to this, well, more-so a musical than a story. I mean, it’s Disney, of course it’s entertainingly adorable. It took me a few tries to get used to some of the moves, but overall I’m very pleased with this game. It’s a nice casual game for adults, but I think younger kids would really love the story and adventure.

rabbidslandwiiuboxart1Rabbids Land
This was my first eShop purchase. Ubisoft had 6 titles for sale for a limited time—possibly as part of their attempts to make up for burning Nintendo fans hard with the delay of Rayman Legends. Anyway. Though I was hesitant to give money to Ubisoft for the time being, this title had been on my wish list for a while.

Honestly, it’s great. It’s a super easy concept, classic board game style party game. Similar to Nintendo’s own Mario Party, but with more popular style music, screaming, and awkwardness. The minigames are fun, and some even decently challenging. It could easily make for a fun game night—some games, some drinks, lots of laughing… it’ll be a good time.

LittleInfernoComingLittle Inferno
My first venture into indie games for the Wii U! The previews for this we great—darkly cute. But I wasn’t sure if I exactly got the premise of this game. However, it’s just as simple as the game seems to be. Buy things, set them on fire, get money, repeat! It is strangely addicting. And just to give it a little bit of a challenge, in case you want more than just watching things burn, there are combos to create as well. It’s a beautiful, simple, game.

Still to play:

Assassin’s Creed 3, ZombiU (yes, I’m still too afraid to play this game), and F-Zero.

On my short list:

Sonic Racing, Sing Party, Bit Runner 2, Zen Pinball 2


*February’s got canceled unfortunately due to crazy work weeks and stay-at-home inducing weather.