who’s story are we trying to write?

It seems lately I’ve seen a lot of people talking about changing their personal story. Almost all of it can be attributed to the talented Nicole and one of her recent posts.

And all of this is really good. We should set forth to rewrite ourselves to be the best person we can be. But one of the things that seems to be missing in a lot of this is a reminder that while we’re all out there editing our pages away, we need to make sure we’re focused on writing our own story, and just our story.

I’m not saying not to care about others and what’s happening in their lives. Empathy is important. What I am saying is all too often we fall prey to getting too caught up in others’ stories. When this happens, we end up loosing focus on ourselves and what we’re working on. We end up comparing ourselves to someone else’s journey, forgetting that our paths are supposed to be different.

I catch myself thinking about myself in the terms of others’ lives. That something is inherently flawed with me because it’s working out better for someone else. But it’s not necessarily better. It’s just different. And that’s how it’s supposed to be.

What does it matter to me that So-and-So is doing whatever diet. Or that So-and-So hates something that I might like. Or that So-and-So is writing x-amount in y-frequency. What matters is me. I’m of no service to any one else if I can’t stop and truly appreciate the value of my own journey or even just the value of myself.

If we’re going to rewrite our own stories, we’ve got to make sure we’re writing with the right characters taking the lead.