so, I have a new blog now… (plus general updates)

I’ve been away from this blog this week because I’ve been busy building a new blog. It’s not one that will replace this, but just another place for me to share my thoughts on the social/cultural/faith topics that I’ve stay away from writing about here.


I’m always sort of curious what friends who’ve known me for a while know about my faith. I’m sure most of them would be able to point of that I’m a Quaker, but other than that, I’m not sure. People can say they believe whatever, but our lives speak greater volumes to this matter than “This I believe…” statements ever could.

But I also believe we should speak when led. That’s sort of what I’m hoping this new blog, In Faith & Practice, will be. That I’ll use it thoughtfully and not just as a platform to rant and rave about whatever.

There’s not much on it now, but I’m hoping to find a good balance between here and there. Writing class is starting up next week, new video games to play, attempting that dating thing again, and we’ve got a nice looking tour schedule set for the summer — so I know I’ll have plenty of material to share with you here for a good long while.

In other life updates:

» It’s somehow almost April and I’ve come to realize that I’ve yet to send cards/gifts to my two sisters who had birthdays back in January.

» I downsized my iPad 2 for an iPad mini. I’m liking it quite a bit. Perfect size for holding, which means I’m reading for longer periods of time on it.

» My friend Susie came over on Tuesday and we did some fun portrait sessions for her portfolio. I’ll share some of the pictures soon!

» I’m attempting again to find more blogs to read. I’m terrible at commenting, but enjoy good writing. Sadly this was sort of prompted by a few blogs I love changing up their style. It felt like they were only writing to promote their freelancing, which I couldn’t be happier and more supportive of them in that, but I miss reading about their lives not just them trying to motivate us or tell us how they can help us motivate ourselves… I guess I just get weary of too many inspirational posts.

» My office at work continues to smell weird. First it was a gas leak that took forever to get fixed, now it’s like someone hid some fruit and it’s rotting… At least soon it’ll be nice enough for me to open the windows. (Which: still freaking happy about having windows!)

What’s new with all of you? How are you spending your Easter weekend?