Sort of a mess, but not a mess.

We have a high near 60 today here in Chicago. It’s finally deciding to act more like spring and I couldn’t be happier. Although, I’ve realized I’ve destroyed almost all of my flats and really don’t have appropriate shoes. It’s just boots and sandals. But it’s amazing out. Basically every day just keeps reinforcing everything I love about Chicago.

And while it’s nice outside, my home is a tiny bit of a mess… it’s not really spring cleaning, just more of WHY IS THERE SO MUCH STUFF IN MY HOME?!?! (See bullet #2.) That plus two cats… yeah. Probably best that I’m single and live alone. (It’s far from trashed, but I’ve definitely thought more than once about asking my mom to come up and help me organize all my storage stuff that’s in my room.)

My life’s not really a mess. So that’s a plus. But even when it is chaotic, it still is pretty damn great. Here’s just a bit of what’s going on:

» First off, there’s a really great interview I want to share with everyone. It’s Mark Messing, who’s pretty much the leader of Mucca Pazza, talking to Gapers Block about our Monday night residency at Revolution Brewing. It’s more than just the event, it’s about taking Mucca Pazza, known for the loud, in your face craziness and what it’s been like to sit them in chairs ala big band style.

» I apparently cannot enter a Target alone any more. At least not without spending a couple hundred dollars. At least this last time I did not buy even more throw pillows. (But I did buy a pillow sham cover.) This isn’t really news, but really my sad attempt at shaming myself from spending more money than I should be… and to keep me from going back to Target before my bank account can catch it’s breath.

» Related: Discounted Easter candy. Only bought just over 4lbs this year.

» With this last redesign, I decided I wanted to properly acknowledge the type foundries of the fonts I’m using. So you can find this information, plus the names of the Pantone colors I’m using, on my About page. (I use Pantone even for my sites so if I decided to print new cards, I know I can trust the colors.)

» Remember how just yesterday I was talking about not doing my tutorial for short story? Well, I started thinking about it more and I think I might have a pretty decent collection started. I was curious if they’d let me start the novel program while also doing my tutorial, but that’s a pretty big commitment.

» There’s this thing happening at work — just something we’ve been talking about internally — that I want to talk about, but obviously can’t. It’s not bad. It’s just happening. And I can’t talk about it.

» Iowa this weekend with Mucca, and I’m considering going to C2E2 in a few weeks. I’ve never been and there’s some panels that seem interesting… we’ll see.

» I seriously thought it was Wednesday for most of this morning.