Colds are stupid.

In my head, a cold is just the sniffles and runny nose and a slight cough. But this week by body decided to remind me just what I real cold feels like… and holy crap has it been kicking my ass.

Apparently, I sneeze in groups of 5 or 20. And it’s not just little sneezes. No. It’s a violent, rip apart your stomach sneeze every single time. On Monday when I actually braved going to work, I actually sneezed so much and so violently, the zipper on the side of my dress kept unzipping.

I tried to tough it out for the Monday night residency at Rev Brew, but by the time the house opened and people were coming in, I was already losing my voice quite a bit. And any time the Muccas made me laugh, I ended up in a coughing fit. So before the band went on, I hopped in a cab and went home.

And I’ve been home since.

I feel so utterly gross. I’ve been sneezing all over myself and the apartment and the cats. (I’m sorry kitties, but your well-meaning cuddles probably aren’t the best right now.) There’s just mucus everywhere. IT FEELS LIKE IT’S COMING OUT OF MY EYES. It’s so freaking gross. My voice only seems to last for half an hour at most, and that’s when I spend the last many, many hours without talking. And then everything just hurts from coughing and sneezing so much.

It’s one of those things where I wish I had a boyfriend (or roommate) to help bring me soup and teas and go get cat food because I’ve been out since Monday and the girls have been living on treats and we’re out of those now too… (oh, and I’m also out of my endo medicine too.) … but at the same time I don’t want anyone to come near me because of the aforementioned grossness.

So for now it’s just this massive 32-oz of chicken and rice soup that just got delivered and A LOT of rest. Here’s hoping I can see my office tomorrow.