the good news first

It’s always good to focus on the positive, right? We’ll let’s take a look at the good that’s happening right now.

» That stupid cold is finally done. My throat’s still, occasionally sore, but really I’m fine now. Just a little tired still.

» Having dinner with my dad tomorrow night. It’s not often I get to hang out with just him. Hoping to be able to bounce some ideas off him.

» For their penultimate performance at Revolution Brewing, Mucca is performing two sets. And they’re recording them! I’m beyond excited because they’ve been performing about 80-90% new music for this gig and I love every bit of it.

» I had a really great weekend.

» Said weekend started off right at Paige‘s birthday party. She knows some really amazing women, and I’m glad I got to meet them! Not to mention, #TeamRiver and I are now, like, BFFs.

» Had a great brunch on Saturday with my friend Courtney, whom I haven’t gotten to see since she finished portfolio school.

» Mani-Pedi. First one of the year. And of course I fudged up one of the nails before leaving the salon.

» A BEAUTIFUL night of music performed by my amazingly talented friends, Ronnie & Dan. Their album is amazing. I don’t think anyone noticed, but at the end I was tearing up from happiness. So much love for my friends.

» After said night of beautiful music, we went to Rev Brew for dinner, then over to Cole’s where another friend was performing. I’d seen him play mandolin and, of course, trombone, but I don’t think I’d seen him sing. So this was a fun treat. I only stayed for a couple songs as I was a little short to see anything over the crowd and it was a little too loud for me (not the style of music, just volume from the speakers).

» Some of the best kitty cuddles this past week. Both girls have been super cuddly, which isn’t out of the norm for them. But I sort of love waking up and having Tuija curled up near my arms/being the little spoon.

So. What’s good or new or new and good with you?