bring on the nerds! getting ready for my first C2E2

C2E2-Logo-Square-Hi-ResSome people are really surprised when they find out I’ve never really been to a comic con. And really, before last year I was confused by their confusion — I don’t read comics*, therefore why would I go? Also, the thought of that many people geeking out in a confined space was a little intimidating.

C2E2 is considered the major comic con/nerd-fest of Chicago. I attended a “smaller” con last year with a friend for a work project. (Her’s not mine.) And this year, as much as I’m going for all the nerdy-glory, I’m also sort of going for a work thing of my own. But more on that later.

What I’m looking forward to at C2E2…

» Panels. I sort of really love panels. The ones I’m really looking forward to are the ones on writing, and the digital future of comics/graphic novel.

» Felicia Day.

» The costumes/cosplay. While I’m not into it personally, I’m all for fandom and creativity. And some people have some amazing outfits. The people watching is going to be pretty great.

» Finding new books to read. Be they comics or graphic novels. I’m not opposed to reading comics, I just haven’t found one that speaks to me as a reader. But there are tons out there, so I’m sure I’ll find something.

» An acquaintance‘s boyfriend is a writer for DC. I met him at our mutual friend‘s wedding last fall, and knew he was into comics, but didn’t know this is what they meant. He’s speaking on a few panels and will have a table in the artist alley. I’m looking forward to saying hey to both of them.

» Another acquaintance is an independent writer, and he and an illustrator that I met at the last con will be there. So, again, looking forward to saying hey to both of them.

» Meeting writers and illustrators. So that pseudo-work thing I mentioned? This is it. I’ve been wanting to do some graphic novels, and really, some graphic short stories for a long while now. So I want to build relationships with people in this community. I’d be really awesome to find a mentor, and even more amazing to find a potential illustrator to work with.

» Let’s be honet… nerdy guys.

Some things I’m sort of nervous about…

» I’m going alone. I mean, I’ll know some people there. (Like 4-6 people in a vast sea of nerds.) But most of the day it’ll just be me walking around on my own.

» That whole debate about being nerdy enough. I mean, it’s a lot of BS. Everyone’s a nerd in their own way. Just because I don’t read comics doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. I don’t know a lot about super heros, it’s not my genre. And no, I can’t recite off a long episode history or a plethora of trivia facts. As a writer, I try to keep other people’s worlds and characters from getting lodged in my mind because I need space to create my own. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate their work any less. I just suck at quoting shows and books and movies. And none of this has to do with the fact that I’m female.

» Practical things like spending too much money, food, what I’m going to wear, making sure I don’t kill my feet with poor shoe choices, backpack vs. skirt issues…

Overall, I’m really excited about this weekend. Looking forward to branching out and learning more about things I’ve been curious about but haven’t gotten into. It’s going to be a fun three days of nerdiness.

Are you going to C2E2? Have you gone to a con before? Share your thoughts and stories! And for those of you going who see me wandering around, feel free to say hi!

I’ll be tweeting and instagraming the whole weekend, so be sure to check it out! It’s @myadorkablelife on both accounts.

*I do read, and love, graphic novels though. General first-person historical narratives or memoir-ish. So it’s not a far stretch from comics, but as mentioned, super heros aren’t my genre so I haven’t gotten into them. Yet.