what I’m reading: gettin’ nerdy

Well, I didn’t think it would happen. But Internet, I’m hooked on comics.

Ok, so I knew the possibility was there, I already read and love graphic novels, but serious… I’m reading a super hero comic and I am really getting into it.

My prior knowledge was really minimal, and definitely not based on first-hand reading. But I knew comics were all about overly muscled men, and hyper sexualized women. A lot of fighting of bad guys. I don’t mind action films, but I have to be in the mood for them. And reading action and fighting? Ugh. Just didn’t sound exciting at all.

So I did a little research and tried to find a series that would be a nice introduction to super heroes, but not be too terribly offensive gender-wise. And I seriously dislike lumping all comics into this stereotype and prejudice. I really do. Because I knew then, and know now that wasn’t completely the case. But so much of this gender shaming and slut calling from the comic world that I’d heard about really did mar opinion of this enter industry.

Anyway. Enter the series: Birds of Prey. It’s a comic about female super heros (mainly Oracle — formerly Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress). Upon a reviewer recommendation, I decided to start with the story arc “Of Like Minds” — which is where Gail Simone takes over as writer. I figure, hey, it’s a chick writing about chicks, can’t be too offensive, right?

20 issues into it and yeah, I’m completely wrapped up in the story. Buying issue after issue. Now, yeah, it’s drawn in the tradition super hero-ish way. And yes, I do find myself rolling my eyes at it. Pretty much every issue. But still. I keep reading it. I’m actually probably going to pick up the New 52: Batgirl because Simone is also writing that one too.

Now. My comic library is filling up, and it’s with more than just Birds of Prey issues. I’ve read the first 6 issues of Girls — the reviews seemed good, but I’m still on the fence about the series. I’m really not finding much character depth yet, and I’m not sure how many more issues I want to invest in until I supposedly get there. And yes, there’s naked chicks gallor in this, but when people said it was done in a non-exploitive way, it got me curious.

I’ve also started Y: The Last Man, which I’m finding pretty intriguing and enjoyable.

Titles that I’m looking into/have sitting and waiting for me:
Mouse Guard
Cyberforce (currently free on Comixology)
Kill Shakespeare
Lady Mechanika
Locke & Key
The Manhattan Projects
The New Avengers
The October Girl
The Walking Dead

And I also have to admit, most of those are because Comixology offered a free issue. While I do want to venture into a brick & mortar comic book store, Comixology has been amazing as far as getting into books. I was trying to find some of these titles online (either through Amazon or local/regional comic book stores), and wasn’t having much luck. Then I remembered Comixology’s booth at C2E2 and people talking about it, and yeah. I’m loving it. However, it’s way too easy to just buy the next issue when all you have to do is click a button and put in your password. Most issues are $1.99, but not all.

Anyway. I’m enjoying my new nerdy obsession and looking forward to exploring even more titles.

Read comics? Share more suggestions! What should I read? What do you love? Avoid comics — tell me why!

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