Where I stand

» One month away from being 29. (23 days)

» Recovering from a tough week.

» Waiting for a phone call to schedule my laparoscopic surgery.

» I found a really good online support group for endo. (email me if you want the link!)

» Realizing I have to be serious about cutting out dairy (ie: no cheese) and being careful with caffeine (ie: even less chocolate).

» Realizing some of my hermit habits are coming back.

» Just signed up for a 30-day Sugar Detox. CRAZY. (You should join.)

» Really eager for tour season and traveling this summer with my favorite people ever.

» Can’t believe my little sister is going to college this fall! (one down, 3 more to go)

» 12 months of no hair cuts. I have no idea what to do with hair other than put it in a ponytail.

» I’ve spent an embarrassing amount on comic books and am now forbidding myself to buy any more until at least June, and then it’ll be on a strict budget.

All right. What are YOU up to currently?