Roundup: posts that hit home

I just want to share a few posts from that I’ve read lately that really hit home or made a good impact with me.

Writing is Work by Stephany
– This is a great reminder for me. If I want to be a published author, I’ve got to treat it like a job. I know this, but I still need that reminder.

How Will You Ever Know If You Don’t F*cking Try by Nicole
– I mean, if you’re not reading Nicole’s blog already… I remember the days of her blog when it was about booze and lady parts. But Nicole has done so much. It’s ridiculous, and yes, I have a bit of a lifestyle-crush on her. She figured out what she wanted to do and went at it full force. And these posts are the kick in the ass I need.

Jealous of your brilliance by Ashley
– There’s so many times when we just truly don’t know the place someone else is coming from, and labeling it as jealousy isn’t fair. It’s a short post and I think Ashley did it well. (I mean, technically this blog of Ashley’s is closed, but the post showed up in my feed and I just really liked it.)

don’t give up quite yet by Abby
– Just a nice reminder, from an amazing woman, to not close doors for good.

Three day weekend and I’m looking forward to just another good weekend of just truly relaxing. Not letting worries from the week seep in and just treating myself with the care that I need. I’m excited.

I’ll be sharing more posts that I really like on my facebook page.

What are some blogs that really hit home with you recently? I’m looking for more blogs to follow and want to know who you read!