And now, a watching game… (getting better with food and making real progress)

Yesterday I bought shorts. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I haven’t worn pants or anything that wasn’t a skirt or dress since the beginning of February. Thanks to my endo, and a lot of stress, my body’s made a lot of changes. The past 4 months have involved a lot of adjustments in my wardrobe. And I haven’t been happy about it.

But instead of pouting about it, I’ve decided to make a decision to change this. I know it’ll be hard. Sadly weight gain and an increased appetite are side-effects of my medication. Plus, any dairy and I just bloat up like a 3 month pregnant lady. No joke. (I’m seriously not happy about this.)

So I joined Weight Watchers.

I’m two weeks in to the 3 months that I paid for, and am now past the point of no return. Or at least no full refund. So I’m in. I’ll give it a shot and see what happens. And I’m going to try to be realistic with it.

It’s only been two weeks. I wasn’t expecting to drop a dress size or anything. But it has gotten me to think about my food a little differently. Part of me likes the point system, or at least doesn’t completely hate it. Then again, part of me doesn’t like it. Like, one of my favorite smoothies at a local restaurant is 15 points. I only get 27 points a day. However, I’ve figured out some ways to make that work and this week I’ve actually done really well on point management. In fact, the last two days I still had at least 20 points before dinner. Part of this is why I eat so many bananas. Bananas have no points. They also fill me up better than other snacks.

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 7.44.56 PM

Yeah, see, didn’t start out too well. I’m writing that day off anyway since I spent a majority of it crying. But I got better…

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 8.28.46 PM

And then this last week was pretty good too. Yesterday? I had a banana for breakfast — a lot lighter than I normally prefer — and then my lunch was basically all free. I think I used 3 points, but I ate a lot. Salad, watermelon, carrots, raw veggie juice. My points came from my salad dressing. Then I had a peanut butter and jelly (on dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free bread) for dinner. At the end of the day, I still had 11 points left.

I haven’t explored the recipes too much. Really, what I want is for Weight Watchers to help me refocus what I’m already eating. I want to make the right tweaks to get me into a better direction, to create better habits. I think I’m making a good start with it.

This, combined with the 30-day sugar detox? I think I’m going to have some excellent tools to really take myself to the next level. That, or I might turn into a monkey after all the bananas I’m eating. But honestly, if I can just get to the point where I’m eating well, and just loving food again — like what Doni described recently — that would be the greatest reward ever.