Nintendo Enthused: how Chase McCain won my heart and completely absorbed me into the world of Lego City.

Guys. I have a new obsession. And I’m not the only one caught in its grips.

I am absolutely in love with the new Lego City: Undercover game for the Wii U.

I let the game sit for a couple weeks when it first arrived.  I knew I wanted to play it, but wasn’t ready to start a new game just yet. So Memorial Day weekend, I finally loaded up the game and sat down to start the adventure. I played for well over 36 hours that weekend. 24 hours just to beat the storyline. Almost any time I was awake, I had the game on. And I still generally play at least 3 nights a week after work after finishing the storyline. That’s just how addicting this game is.

LegoCityUndercoverThe story follows Chase McCain, Lego City cop who’s returned after being exiled. The villan he’d put behind bars previously, Rex Fury, has escaped and McCain’s on the trail to put him behind bars again! Ok, so a lot more goes on that just that. The story is written fairly well, and honestly, there’s some great dialogue in this game.

For one thing, there’s some great references throughout the game, including some of my favorites to the Super Mario franchise. Not really a surprise, given that this is the first Lego title to be published by Nintendo rather than a 3rd party. Also, one of my favorite characters was one that insisted he was not Morgan Freeman.

Speaking of characters, you’ve got 8 main character types to play as, each with their own special skills. Civilian, Police, Robber, Miner, Astronaut, Farmer, Firefighter, and Construction Worker. Now that I’ve beat the main story, I going through and unlocking the remander of the characters and vehicles, and completing all the side missions. I won’t spoil things, but an astronaut riding a pig is totally normal. And as you’ll see below, there’s a lot to keep you occupied in this game.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.58.56 AM(photo by Naramsin via Miiverse)

Part of me wishes I would have spent more time doing some of these smaller missions throughout the storyline game play, but since you have to unlock abilities, it pretty much guarantees that you’ll have to go back after finishing. And the Lego City world is huge, so you’ll spend a lot of time running around this open world game. I know there are some downloadable missions through actual Lego City purchases (like, the real life brick sets the game is modeled after), so I might be tempted to do that. Pretty easy to say I’d love for this storyline to continue. (So much so, I’m probably going to get the the prequel on 3DS.)

The gameplay sort of mirrors that of the Grand Theft Auto series, but you’re the good guy and there are no half-naked women for you to abuse. (THANK YOU.) You can however, run over people, luckily citizens of Lego City are mostly use to this. And you can, and should, go around destroying every possible thing you can. There’s something almost cathartic about running around as a miner destroying the city with a pick axe. Also, when you keep a good line of destruction with your vehicle, you can rack up multiplying bonuses for brick collection (see below). You’ll need to collect bricks and studs (basically coins) to purchase new characters and vehicles and complete super builds. With the city rebuilding itself constantly, it’s not too hard to do this.

5x bricks (photo by joshua via Miiverse) 5x bricks (photo by joshua via Miiverse)

Overall, this is a great game. Definitely family friendly, but one adults can appreciate too. Easily one of the best Lego series I’ve tried, and personally, I think it’s a great game to highlight using the gamepad for the Wii U.

I absolutely love it. Even if I sometimes suck at Chicken Gliding. Seriously, it’s a thing. Below was a particularly hard glide for me. Hate admitting it, but I probably spent an hour on this one task.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.48.58 AM

But look at that scene. Look at the sunset. THERE IS A FREAKING GLOWING SUNSET AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL. I’m extremely thankful the developers weren’t just “oh, it’s just a Lego game, no need to go in crazy detail…” Just playing this game you can tell a lot of thought went into it.

In fact, so much, that after playing for hours and hours and hours, I now can’t do anything without seeing it in terms of Lego City and bricks. Lego City just has a little bit of everything, and I think that’s what makes it feel a little like home.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.49.38 AM

Oh. And beware of sharks. Seriously. That first one scared the crap out of me.

The last two images were my own, taken during game play through the in-game camera.

Nintendo and Brand About Town provided me with this game as a thank you gift for hosting a Wii U party. I was not asked or compensated to write this post, and all opinions are my own.