recovery: you only get one chance to heal right

So it’s been just over a week since my surgery, and I’m definitely still in recovery mode. They say generally you need one to two weeks to recover from laparoscopic surgery. It mostly just depends on how much they do inside you.

I went back to work on Monday. Just 6 days after my surgery. I was not ready. And Tuesday showed that even more. Even on my pain killers, I was so distracted from pain and exhaustion that I was becoming increasingly emotional. So I called off yesterday, and also this morning.

want to be ready for work. I want to be more healed than I am. But I can’t rush this. And honestly, pushing myself too hard is only going to result in setbacks.

It’s hard. I feel ok one day because I spent most of it resting, then the moment I try to get up and be active again and try to start going back to my normal life, I’m knocked on my ass. My mom keeps reminded me to take it easy, that they cut through muscle and it’ll take a while for that to heal. And I’m trying to remind myself of that.

I think one of the hardest parts of this is that this surgery has been a very isolating experience. It’s just been me and the cats. Mom and I attempted a quick Target trip before she left, the day after my surgery — which was a bit more than I was ready for. But other than that, I’ve been home. So going back to work, I exhausted myself just talking with my coworkers (real human contact!)…

But despite the boredom and loneliness, and even the pain, the recovery is going fairly well. I’m eating better, and at least around the house, I’m moving better. Getting up and sitting down is 100 times better than those first two days after surgery. I’ve got my follow up on Monday morning, where I’m hoping to get the thumbs up from my doctor that my life’s starting to get back to normal.

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Mindy for the lovely Sunflowers she sent!

So. My life’s been all naps, and netflix, and Animal Crossing, and more naps. What’s up with all of you? Let me live vicariously through your definitely more exciting lives!