getting back to normal. which means go, go, go.

It’s almost hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was in the midst of recovery and rest and just letting my body be still and heal. Because this week? It’s all hustle. Not sure I’m ready for it, but it’s what’s happening.

Yesterday we got all the merch prepped. In ONE hour. And that could not have happened without an awesome team of Muccas helping me. From there I made probably a not so smart choice and went downtown. North Avenue bus? Not a friend of mine. No AC and it was p-a-c-k-e-d. Trying to get off the bus, there were three people standing by the back exit, who REFUSED to move to let people off. So you had to squeeze between them. I’m definitely not healed enough to rub up against people. Luckily the Red Line was better. (When is the Red Line better? Seriously.)

But I survived. I even made it through all the tourist to Water Tower to pick out a new travel bag. I want something a little more manageable for tour than the two duffle bags I have, and don’t want to deal with an actual suitcase. So it was back to Vera Bradley (where I got those two duffle bags) for something with an over the shoulder strap that wouldn’t kill me. (I love that they’re washable, and I always know what bag is mine amidst the 30 others.) Successfully got that. Home and pass out.

This morning I got to sleep in a little, since I had a doctor’s appointment, but since then it’s been go go go. Good news is I’m healing well. Even have lost weight during recovery, so yay! I’m noticing a lot less bloating, even when I eat dairy. So the thought that I could eat cheese again without problems is pretty awesome. Next appointment is in 2 months. So that’s awesome.

Now it’s all just getting things ready for tour. I’ve got to get the new bag packed. Make a list for the cat sitter. Clean the house. And just survive tomorrow.

I am beyond ready to get back to a normal life. And tour is just one step towards that.