no hair, no job, I’m going to Canada!

No Hair

I’d been growing my hair out for just over a year now. I’m pretty impressed with how fast it grew! It went from a pixie to resting on my shoulders in 13 months. Probably the first time I’ve had hair on my shoulders in maybe 7 years. But I’m terrible with hair and other girlie things… so I have/had no idea what to do with it other than ponytails. (And eventually pigtail braids once it got long enough.) I’d been itching for a change for a while… and Monday evening after work I took the plunge.

An hour, and basically 3 hairstyles later — being indecisive means you’re the worse hair client ever and I’m so glad my stylist was being very patient and didn’t scalp me — well… this is the result:

rini short hair 2013

No Job

Well. Got a big shock yesterday. I lost my job. I know my job has been stressful, but underneath it all I really did love what I did. It was through that job I really realized how much I love academic administration. Which felt weird to figure out, but hey, nerd for life. If I can’t be in school forever, at least I can run the place. I had wanted there to be restructuring at my work for a while, but I just figured I’d be a part of it. Anyway, I left on good terms, so there’s that.

Opportunity for new things, right? No clue what I’ll do next. If I could start my MFA this fall, I’d be on that. Something good will come up. It has to.

I’m going to Canada!

Yep. That’s right. Canada. … but only for a week.

Mucca is playing the Montreal International Jazz Fest. I’m absolutely excited about going. The fest itself should be amazing, and getting to be there with some of my favorite people ever? Exactly what I need right now.

So, I’ll be back in a week. Then it’s time to start that fun quest of what the heck I should do with my life!