Oh, Canada… highlights from the Montreal Jazz Festival

Our trip to Montreal was exactly what I needed in many ways. I pushed myself a bit too much physically, but made it through.

Mucca performed 4 outdoor street sets throughout the weekend, and then two sets on the large, main stage on Canada Day. Even after 4 years of being with them, I still get the same joy and excitement from watching Mucca perform every single time. I couldn’t have been happier, or prouder, of my friends, watching them on the big stage in front of ten to twenty thousand people.

These are mostly shots from one of the street sets. I was using a friend’s camera for the main stage sets, but hopefully he’ll upload or share them with me so I can post them. I took about 200 shots of the street set, and who knows how many of the main stage.

We’ve got a lot more planned for this summer, heading out west next… and I am absolutely excited about it.