hooray for food! no excuses culinary adventure

hooray for food!One of the things that has sadden me lately has been letting my love of food and cooking get ignored. I fell back into a cycle of convenience. And as I got bored with simple, I went to the unhealthy comforts and way too much take out.

Now that I’m unemployed, time is not longer an issue for me. I’ve got time to prep. I could prep for days if I need to. My kitchen is still pathetically small. But with the extra time I now have, I can find ways to work around that with some simple planning (and constant cleaning).

No excuses this time. And I plan on exploring and challenging myself more than ever.

Two new recipes I’m trying currently are spinach and pasta in a lemony goat cheese sauce, and a homemade salsa. The pasta was good. Thick, creamy, rich. I know exactly how I’m going to tweak it to make it perfect. The salsa has been more of a challenge. Some of the recipes I found with the most praise used canned tomatoes AND rotel. No thank you. So I’m experimenting with fresh tomatoes. It took four or five rounds, but I managed to make a jar I enjoyed. It wasn’t perfect, but it passed. (And, I mean, I ate the whole thing in a matter of a couple of days.) I learned a lot from it, so hopefully I’ll get it right next time.

My goals are not only to expand my culinary skills, but also push my own palette. While in Montreal, I had mussels for the first time. So, of course that’s on my list of culinary challenges for myself. But I also want to focus on healthy meals for myself and really exploring just eating better AND eating well. While I didn’t do the actual sugar detox in the 30-Day Sugar Detox program, I did learn about my eating habits. Unlike the others in the program, sugar isn’t my big craving. It’s salt. And fat. So I want to learn how to satiate those cravings without going overboard.

And of course, once they’re finished, I’ll be sharing my recipes!

What’s your favorite thing to cook? What recipe have you been dying to try, but just haven’t yet — and why?