Home from LA, now BlogHer bound!

Our LA tour was amazing. It was such a blast! … and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, next week. Because for now, I’m getting ready for BlogHer13.

Who knew my unemployed life would be so full and busy? Regardless, I’m loving it. And soon I’ll work out that whole income thing.

But yes. Tomorrow BlogHer starts, and thankfully for me it’s here in Chicago — so no more traveling, for now at least. (It is still tour season after all, so I’m leaving for the east coast in a matter of weeks!) I’ll be live tweeting some of the panels, and sharing as much of BlogHer as I can. As will the other lovely ladies of the 20SB Chicago crew of the Exec Board, Jenn & Renee. Click here to find out our schedules. If you’re attending BlogHer, come find us and say hello!

What I’m looking forward to at BlogHer

» Networking. I want to meet bloggers. I want to meet brands. I just want to meet people and really get my name out there. I mean, I’m looking for some form of employment/income, so the more people who know me, the better. Not to mention, it’s been a while since I’ve expanded my blogger community, so it’s about time I got out there and discovered new people/blogs myself!

» Panels. Ok, so I’m a huge nerd and I love anything with even the slightest hint at academics and education. At first I thought I’d hit all the writing panels, but well, the writing I’m going for isn’t quite covered here so I’m going to save those things for my actual writing program. I’m interested in some of the marketing (and yes, monetizing) ones, but I’m really torn because it feels like as a personal blogger if you’re going to make money from your blog you either have to become a life coach or some how make it to Deuce level with advertisers and book deals.

» Focus. It seems like whenever people go to one of these massive blogger conventions/parties/whatever, everyone leaves supercharged with so many ideas about what they want to do with their blog and life and just are ready to tackle all the crazy challenges and push themselves further. I’m still in that crazy limbo area of being able to do whatever I want with my life and sort of unsure which way to go because there are too many options before me. So hopefully I’ll get a little bit of focus on what it is I actually want to do with my life now.

» Swag. Be honest, you’d go for the swag too. Last time, in 2009, I got like a pound of Play-Doh. Ok. So back then a lot of it felt like it was geared towards mommy bloggers. I’m really hoping that’s changed this year. But who doesn’t love free stuff?

I might check out some of the parties, but I really don’t feel like I know much about what’s happening in the evening hours. There’s no big Nintendo Ambassador meet up this time, so I guess I’ll be playing this by ear. (Also, Low Down Brass Band is playing at the Hideout on Friday night, so there’s that.)

Are you going to BlogHer? Let me know! Let’s try to meet up at some point. You can always find me via twitter, @myadorkablelife.