the good, the bad, and the nerdy

Not to throw out a spoiler, but things have been mostly good lately. I’ve been spending most of my time at home, which maybe isn’t the smartest idea, but overall I can tell I’m a bit more relaxed.

The Good.

» First off, I’m feeling pretty good. Trying to enjoy this down time. Had a good little giggle when my stepmom agreed that I should allow myself to have some fun (aka go on tour). Aren’t parents suppose to nag at you until you’re employed again?

» I had a good 2-month post-surgery visit with my doctor yesterday. Best thing, since it was a post-op visit, it was included in the surgery costs (covered by insurance) so I didn’t have to pay anything! Minus one little slip-up, I’ve been feeling a lot better since the surgery. I’m starting new medication, so we’ll see how that goes, but no more cycles indefinitely.

» My unemployment benefits finally got themselves worked out! Even though I got severance, this helps take off some of the stress.

» I made empanadas! Bacon, date, and blue cheese. I meant to put goat cheese in there, but given that I had 3 types of crumbled cheese, I got my recipes confused. Still tastes good!

» I had a fun time at the zoo with Joey for the members only meet up on Saturday. And how can you not love when the animals decide to put their best model face forward for you?

meerkat model from lincoln park zoo

The Bad.

» Ok, so yes, I am a little bored. Given how many hours I spend in my home, it’s not really surprising. I miss real human contact.

» I have sent out a few feelers and job applications… but no word back yet.

» Coming back from the zoo, I was carrying a large box that blocked my view of the ground… and then I tripped over a rise in the sidewalk and sliced open my big toe. It still hurts, but it’s thankfully not infected.

» Slipping back into lazy eating habits. Take out and a lot of junk food.

The Nerdy.

» A week ago I started two courses through Coursera. Both of them are teaching focus — one for first year teachers of secondary ed, the other is about teaching for learning. Things are going well; I’m trying to spend an hour a day, four days a week on course work. Figured if I want to teach, I should catch up a little bit.

» I had a good talk with the program director for a graduate program. It seems like it could be a good fit, but I need to talk with them more.

» On Thursday I’m heading out east to MASS MOCA with the Muccas. It’s a 14 hour drive, but also a chance to visit this extremely awesome museum! I really want to see those giant found-object metal birds (the Phoenix display)!!

» I’m nearing 200 hours of play time with Animal Crossing New Leaf. My town looks great, and I’m loving what I’m doing with my home. Never thought I’d be this enthused over a sim-style game, but I absolutely love it! Also, the facebook community I started is going strong.

» 700 posts. Bam.