My night at the Symphony

I’m not a huge classical music fan. But when it comes to seeing it live? Well, that I can actually enjoy. I was always slightly jealous of my friends who had orchestras in their schools. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my school band and love playing the euphonium. But the chance to play strings…

Anyway. A friend had extra tickets to the Chicago Sinfonietta this past weekend and I jumped at the chance to go.

Ok, truth be told, I hadn’t heard of the Sinfonietta before my friend offered the tickets. It’s a really fascinating group, and this current series instantly peaked my interest. The performance, eMotion, combined traditional symphonic style with hip hop dancing.

The show itself was absolutely phenomenal. Loved it. These kids were amazing dancers. I wish I could make my legs move like they did.

eMotion from the Chicago Sinfonietta

The night was beautiful, and extremely well needed. Beyond just the excellent entertainment.

Before the concert, I went downtown and had a great dinner. By myself. This is totally something I don’t normally do or enjoy. I have enough anxiety that the idea of being out there by myself while everyone else is dinning with friend or lovers or whatever… It just makes me feel small and watched and beyond uncomfortable. But I womaned up and decided not only should I take myself out to a nice dinner, but I deserve to go out to a nice diner.

And it was nice. Sushi, red wine… And I didn’t even mind when the hostess said “all by yourself?”

After the show, my friends and I got to met the director of the Sinfonietta, Mei-Ann Chen. Then we walked down the street to the Gage for a late night bite. Since I already had sushi earlier, I didn’t go over board. Just an olive plate. And also the best cider I have ever found. Vander Mill’s Totally Roasted. Seriously. Amazing.  … but I digress… Sitting out on the patio with my friends, discussing anything and everything. I couldn’t drink in enough of it.

I’d missed that so much. Just the simple thing of being out with a small group of friends. Or just reminding myself that I can do things on my own. As much as I love curling up with the cats or staying home and reading all day… I need to find a better balance in this hermit life.

*Photo from the Chicago Sinfonietta Facebook page