#WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge: It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamToday I’m beginning a really fun challenge. I’m joining 59 other Nintendo Brand Ambassadors for a month-long fitness challenge. Well, ok, I’m joining 14 other ambassadors competing against 45 others.

I’m part of the Green Team, which includes: Jenn, Terence, Terry, TJ, Doni, Mikey, Sam, Olga, Brett, SizzleSays, Kristina, Katie, Ef, and Sugar Jones. I love my team. We’re awesome. I already know half of them personally. And needless to say, we’re all pretty pumped for this.

The challenge works in two ways: measuring the distance we’ve walked/run, and measuring the altitude we’ve climbed/hiked. This is done with a Fit Meter. We wear this as we go about our day, and it keeps track of all of that. It’ll also tell you what time it is and the temperature. Oh, did I mention it also displays a little 8-bit version of your Mii’s face? It’s adorable.

The Fit Meter syncs up with the WiiU game pad and transfer your data into the game. One of the cool things about Wii Fit U is that the game has a Fit Meter Challenge actually as part of the game. So anyone can do this! In either the Walking Challenge or the Altitude Challenge, you pick a course from the map — and you can pick from a selection around the world. We’re doing a tour of Italy and Everest, but I couldn’t help but check out Chicago’s walking challenge…

WiiFitU Fit Meter Challenge Chicago

The more active we are outside of the game, the better we do in the challenge. For a hermit like me, it’s slightly intimidating. I spend all my time at home, mostly on the couch. However, this also means I have all the time in the day to get out and be active! I’m actually considering using this challenge as a means of starting the Couch to 5K program. I’m so not a runner (or really in shape at all, other than helping the band load gear), so you know, I’m almost 30 and I wouldn’t mind taking care of myself a little better. Of course, I have to wait until my health is slightly better before I start jogging… but, still, this could be a good time to do it. (But no promises.)

Regardless, I plan on walking a lot. The altitude part is going to be a little harder, since well, the Midwest is super flat. But you know, there are plenty of stairs to help with that.

While the official challenge hashtag is #WiiFitU, you can follow the Green Team by using #OnLikeDK — because, of course, It’s On Like Donkey Kong. We’ll be checking in each Sunday through December 1st to report our progress, so you can most-likely expect updates from me on Mondays. (Or randomly throughout the challenge on the AdorkableMe Facebook page.)

Also: WiiFitU is available in the eShop from now until January 31st for a free one-month trail — of course you need to own a Balance Board first. And as a bonus, for those who buy a Fit Meter and register it with their WiiFitU, they get to keep the game for free after the trail is over! (Now, Fit Meters have been sold out many places, but keep checking! You can find them in 3 colors: white/green, white/red, and black/silver.) WiiFitU officially comes out December 31st.

*I received 2 free Fit Meters from Nintendo as part of this challenge. One for myself, the brand ambassador, and another for a partner. Brand About Town selected and assigned the teams. All thoughts are still my own.