current thoughts on dating

For some reason, dating has been on my mind lately. But nothing really serious, almost like a indifferent musing.

It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve gone out with a guy, and almost 3 years since my last boyfriend. And while I do indeed want love, a partner, and a family one day… I’m just sort of not concerned about dating or trying to find a relationship. It sort of feels weird, which might be why I’m so amused by it.

We’re constantly given so many messages on how to find the right guy/girl. There are all these stories about how happy-in-love people are that are supposed to make us want that too — that it’s the norm. And of course, I’m in that point of my life where so many people in my social circles have been getting married or having babies… It’s all well and good and all, but I just don’t feel phased by it. Right now I’m satisfied with just finding particular guys attractive but not giving any thought towards actually pursuing them for a relationship or anything.

I feel like I’m just getting used to doing things alone. I’m planning my life solely around what I want without any thought of adding someone else’s needs or goals into the mix. Even my thoughts on parenthood don’t focus on a spouse but more-so on an adoption as a single parent. I mean, yes: I want the big crazy wedding, I want someone to wake up to, someone who accepts me and all my weirdness. But, currently… I guess I’ve just come to accept this is where my life’s at. I’m ok without those things right now. My life’s going pretty well, all things given — and it has nothing to do with my relationship status.