#WiiFitU Challenge Update – Week 1!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green Team(For a quick refresher on the Wii Fit U challenge, read this post.)
The challenge is starting off great! And before I get into to much about it, let’s get to the results:

Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 408.6 miles
Green (#OnLikeDK) – 382.4 miles
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 281.7 miles
Yellow (#HelloYellow) – 177.4 miles

Individual honors go to my teammate, Kristina, with 32 miles! Her team also took the partnership honors with a combined 62.1 miles. Though I don’t have my partner, Joey’s data since my WiiU and I were out of town on Sunday, I think we were close. I personally had 30.3 miles.

Wii Fit U - Italy Week 1

Green (#OnLikeDK) – 17,657 feet
Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 13,848 feet
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 9,414 feet
Yellow (#HelloYellow) – 4,623 feet

Individual honors go to my teammate Kate, who had 2194 feet. The partnership honor went to my buddy/ teammate TJ and his partner Kathy Sue who had a combined total of 4806 feet. I think I personally had 229 feet… Which sort of surprised me since I live in the midwest and it’s just really flat here.

So an awesome first week and start for the Green Team! We’re all really pumped and determined to take first next week. I’m still keeping up with my 10,000 steps a day goal. Only missed it once, on Thursday when I was traveling to Indiana. And honestly, I am feeling great.

While visiting my family, I also managed to complete my first 5K walk. I finished it in 54:33, and had my fastest walking mile to date, 17:26. 5K always seems so intimidating. I mean, runners do 5Ks, and I’m not a runner. But I did it, and I felt great afterwards. And suddenly 5K seemed really obtainable. So now it’s my daily walking minimum goal. Which is great because at the beginning of the challenge I signed myself up for my very first official 5K run/walk. Now, I still plan on walking it rather than running, but it’ll be a fast walk. Yesterday, I did another 5K walk and already bested my previous record. 51:26 total, with a 16:14 mile. I couldn’t feel my face after mile 2 — it was 30 degrees outside! — but I did feel great for keeping up a good pace!

11-12-13 fastest 5K

I’m using the Nike+ app to help me track my walks, and I really like it. It’s sort of the perfect partner to this challenge. At least the distance part.

Like I said, overall, I’m feeling great. And I actually am seeing some results. My BMI is steadily decreasing, which is great because I’m so ready for the Wii Fit U to stop telling me how overweight I am. The fact that the Wii Fit series have always puffed up “overweight” Miis has not been one of my favorite features. (Seriously, I’m not that big.) But that small frustration is quickly forgotten once you’re into the games. I’ve mostly been doing the balance games. Which has also paid off because my balance has finally gotten to an even 50-50! (Ok, so I wasn’t too far off to begin with, but hey, it’s still a cool accomplishment.)

So week 1 went well and week 2 is starting off great! I’ve got an amazing team and I can’t wait to see how awesome we do this next week. It’s safe to say we’re all slightly competitive and ready to step up our games to get first place. I mean, look at (most of) us. We’re awesome and adorable. (And yes, I am wearing a scuba outfit.)

Wii Fit U green team

Again, as a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, I received a Wii Fit U meter as part of this challenge. But as always, my opinions are always my own. Also: Go Green!