Wii Fit U Challenge Update – Week 2: Going strong like Donkey Kong!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamWe’re at the midpoint(ish) of our challenge! The weeks are just going by so quickly. We just got our results of week three and we’re only a few days away from reporting our data for week 3!

Here’s the team standings after week 2:

Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 795.7 miles
Green (#OnLikeDK) – 745.9 miles
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 522.9 miles
Yellow (#HelloYello) – 397.7 miles

Second week we’ve taken 2nd place in distance. However, we also had a couple people not able to report their data due to traveling. So, we’re not sweating it too bad. It’s the final total that counts!

Individual honors for distance actually go to myself. I’ve got a total of 72.7 miles under my belt now. And with Joey‘s miles added in, we’ve taken the top partnership as well. I pushed myself like crazy last weekend. I don’t plan on letting up! This challenge has definitely brought out the competitive side in me, and being unemployed actually works to my favor in this.

Green (#OnLikeDK) – 39,642 feet
Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 29,416 feet
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 16,206 feet
Yellow (#HelloYello) – #11,980 feet

And second week in a row we’ve dominated the altitude! I’m so proud of my team! And pretty in awe of my teammates! Because we all know I’m not making much of an impact. (My most recent update informed me that the distance I ascended was that of 150 eggs.)

Individual honors went to my teammate Katie again, with a total of 5,311 feet! Team honors went to TJ and Kathy Sue, who’ve done a 9,330 feet combined.

Overall, I know I said this a lot this month, but I am indeed feeling great. Even after my crazy, #beastmode day of non-stop activity. I think if my eating habits were a bit better right now, I’d actually be seeing some evidence of all these miles taking affect. But I’ve definitely started a habit of walking daily, and that’s a really good place to be.

The other thing that’s been really great has just been getting to do this experience with my teammates. I’ve got some really amazing people with me on the Green Team. I’ve loved joking around with them and encouraging each other. The only thing that could make this challenge better is being able to actually hang out with my teammates in person.

Again, as a Brand Ambassador, Nintendo sent me and my partner Wii Fit U Meters for the challenge. All opinions are my own. Also: you can read this post for a recap on the challenge perimeters and my teammates.