Wii Fit U Challenge Update – Week 3: SO. CLOSE.

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamWeek Three results are in! It’s definitely a close race. The challenge is going strong, and we’re currently in the middle of the final week… and the Green Team is ready for this final push!

But before we get to that, it’s time to share the results!

Blue Team (#WiiFitBlu) – 1223.9 miles
Green Team (#OnLikeDK) – 1217.5 miles
Yellow Team (#TeamYellow) – 712.13 miles
Red Team (#TeamRedHot) – 672.2 miles

6.3 miles behind the Blue Team! So it’s definitely going to be a strong race to the end. I’ve now managed 117.5 miles, passing the first check point in the game, and once again took the individual honors in distance. Also, Joey and I took partnership honors.

Wii Fit U week 3 check in

Green Team (#OnLikeDK) – 61,565 feet
Blue Team (#WiiFitBlu) – 45,137 feet
Yellow Team (#TeamYellow) – 21,289 feet
Red Team (#TeamRedHot) – 20,126 feet

Yet again, we’ve dominated the altitude. And yet again, Katie has taken individual honors with 6,548 feet total. She also snatched up the partnership honors too, with a combined total of 13,539 feet.

This current week is proving hard to me. A storm pulled through town last weekend, and with it came winter temperatures. It’s hard motivating yourself to go out and do your daily 5k walk when it’s 13° F out, not including the windchill coming off the lake! I’ve got my first official 5K this weekend, so I do need to get out and prep at some point. But I’m waiting until midday when it’s in the 20s.

But regardless, I’ve got it in my head that I’m going to get to the second check point this week, Venice. It’s doable. But yeah, I’m just being a baby about the cold. Also, walking for 5 hours at the Field Museum wore me out a bit. (But hey, it’s one way of getting in a lot of step inside where it’s warm!)

Again, as a Brand Ambassador, Nintendo sent me and my partner Wii Fit U Meters for the challenge. All opinions are my own.

*Also, originally I thought the Yellow Team’s hashtag was #HelloYellow, but I’ve most recently seen #TeamYellow. Not sure which they’re using.