I’m in ur tubes, being all awkward and stuff.

So I made a decision recently, almost slightly on a whim, to make a vlogging channel on YouTube.

I’ve never been a huge YouTube person. I mean, yeah, I’ll look up adorable and funny cat videos. Occasionally I might even check out some music there. More often I’m watching gaming videos. If a friend posts a video on a topic that seems interesting, I might watch — but I’m really bad at keeping up with anything there.

And the idea of putting me on YouTube? Well it makes me self-conscious about my voice as well as whatever awkward thing I do with my face. Also, editing seems like a lot of work. But I’m learning to ramble more concisely, and really editing isn’t too hard. It’s the waiting for things to export and upload and process.

YouTube: My Adorkable Life

So. Yeah. Apparently I’m vlogging now. It’s a new channel, mind you, so there’s not much there now. But I’m going to shoot for at least one upload a week maybe.

ALSO. You can find me on another part of the YouTubes… Joey is starting up a gaming channel and you can watch the two of us play Super Mario 3D World together. So definitely checkout It Is Me Joey Gaming. I’ll be making a few more appearances there, and I’m excited to be a part of this project of his!

Share your own channels in the comments! Or, if you don’t vlog, share some channels that you like watching! Looking forward to getting to know more of the YouTube community.

But have no fear, I’m always going to be a writer at heart, and will always be blogging.