Wii Fit U Challenge Update: Final results are in!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamSo as you know, one month ago myself and 59 other Nintendo Brand Ambassadors (and our partners) began a Wii Fit U Fit Meter Challenge. Well on Sunday we wrapped everything up and the results are now in!

The winners of the Brand Ambassador challenge in both distance and altitude…

Green Team (#OnLikeDK) – 1673.5 miles (distance) and 88,848 feet (altitude)
2nd: Blue Team (#WiiFitBlu) – 1528.3 miles and 57,238 feet
3rd: Yellow Team (#TeamYellow) – 849.4 miles and 25,279 feet
4th: Red Team (#TeamRedHot) – 799.9 miles and 25,132 feet

As for individual and partnership honors… Me and Joey took both for distance (161.3 miles individually, 273.5 miles combined); and Katie and her partner took both for altitude (9,685 feet individually, and 20,557 feet combined).


I joked around with my team that since I didn’t have an actual job, I might as well walk like it was my job. However, while it wasn’t job-like, this challenge definitely added value to my days. Rather than sit around and shuffle around the house (or, more accurately, glue my butt to the couch all day)… I had something to do. Before that winter cold front hit, I was going outside and walking, sometimes twice a day. Getting out of my apartment and being active really did a lot of good for me.

I’m not the most active person. In fact, on Monday after the challenge was over, I gave myself a much needed day of rest and basically loafed on the couch all day (something I was doing before the challenge quite often). I only got 143 steps that day. When I was home a few weeks ago, I went walking with my mom and she commented that she noticed a change. She said last year I had a hard time doing one lap around the park, and here I was doing over 3 miles no problem! And at a better pace too.

Over the last few years, I’ve really let the endo take over. I stopped being active because often I felt too sick or was in pain. Even post surgery I’d be hesitant because I wasn’t sure what would cause pain or not. This challenge really gave me the motivation I needed to get off my butt, stop worrying, and take care of myself. While I haven’t lost any real weight (need to work on my stress eating still), I can tell I’m toning up a bit. And, I just feel absolutely better.

161.3 miles is a lot. But you know, it was definitely manageable. Yes, I went into #beastmode a couple of times… but really… we had a 28 day challenge, so it’s only really 5.76 miles a day. And that’s completely doable. And now that I know it’s doable, it’s something not so scary. Since I’m out of competition mode, I’m going to scale it back a little — mainly because YES, my legs were definitely tired by the end of the month — but going out at least 3-4 times a week and walking 5k (3.1 miles) is something I can definitely manage. If it’s too cold, I’ll happily just walk a mile. But I’ve started a good habit of being active and it’s something I’ve come to really enjoy. Not to mention if it wasn’t for this challenge, I don’t know if I would have had that final push I needed to sign up for my first 5K race.

This has been an absolutely fantastic challenge. The Fit Meter for the Wii Fit U is a great addition that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy. And the “workouts” in Wii Fit U are great too! I say “workouts” with the quotations because really, Nintendo’s done a fine job making most of them feel like games. Though one round on the core luge run and YES you will feel your abs burn. (And also, you still have until January 31st to pick up a Fit Meter and get the game for free!)

So congrats to my fellow teammates: Jenn, Terence, Terry, TJ, Doni, Mikey, Sam, Olga, Brett, SizzleSays, Kristina, Katie, Ef, and Sugar Jones! I <3 you all and am so glad to have been on a team with you! GO GREEN!

Once again, as a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, I received two Wii Fit U Fit Meters for free (one for me and for my partner). The Wii Fit U game was a free download from the eShop, and as mentioned because of the Fit Meter I now have the game forever. All opinions are my own. And many thanks to Nintendo for this great challenge!