moving, being sick, and not looking at the big picture

First, I want to say Christmas was great. It was just nice having a week off to visit with family and get to meet my new twin nieces. And I’ll collect my thoughts on that later…

Unfortunately, I got an unexpected gift for Christmas in the form of a cold that’s been kicking my butt. Luckily it happened after seeing the twins, but ugh, has this been rough. Fever. Coughing. Congestion. Chills & hot flashes. Grossness all over. I’m feeling better this week, but still coughing a lot. At least my voice is back. …mostly.

However, between holiday time and getting sick… well, it’s sort of thrown a wrench in this whole packing thing I really need to be doing.

I signed my lease on Monday. I have through this weekend to move. I am no where ready at this point. The only thing I’ve moved over to the new place is a shower curtain… I have A LOT of work to do, and I’m only sort of feeling well enough to start now. UGH. Just ugh ugh ugh. Where are the little packing faeries or elves when you need them?

But you know, rather than feel completely overwhelmed, I’m trying to just look at the pieces instead of the whole. This is not a “focus on the bigger picture” moment. The bigger picture is “holy crap my apartment is full of STUFF”… But if I think of it more as “ok, let’s just sort through and move over the stuff from the closet first” and “now let’s bag up all your bathroom stuff and take it over to the new place” — well, that’s a lot more manageable. I just need to do one task at a time.

It also helps that I ended up pushing my big move date back a day. I’ll only a few hours to clean the old place rather than a full day, but I’m not really worried about that. The bigger thing is just getting everything out and getting the furniture moved.

And with all of that, I should probably put my computer away and get to work. Now to figure out what to tackle first. (Or really, what’s going to be the easiest to pack up and take to the new place first.)