Finally all here.

Over a week later than planned, and not without its own hiccups, I’m finally all moved over to my new place. And, furthermore, with the exception of a large futon chair I couldn’t move on my own, I’m all out of my old place too. Keys handed over.

The cats and I are settling in well, even despite the smaller space. I love being so close to the grocery store. It seems like a little thing, but really, it’s nice to be able to make small trips. Granted, of course, I only really moved a few blocks from my old place — so it’s not like I was ever really that far from the store.

The new place does have some things to get used to, though. For one, I have nearly twice the amount of keys for this place. The front door and back door are separate keys, and soon I’ll be getting my copy of the back gate key. And a neighbor informed me that there’s a key for the laundry room too — but I’m hoping maybe one of these other keys will double for that. Oh, and of course there’s my unit and mailbox keys.

Also, though the old place had quirky neighbors, none of them really bothered me much. Even the dude upstairs who blasted his music, I could generally tune that out and he really was never that loud with it. (At least, after I confronted him and asked him to turn it down.) And it wasn’t late at night. Here, though? My new upstairs neighbor has a dog. And they’re active at night. So while I’m trying to go to bed, they’re up there playing fetch. I love hardwood floors, but man does the sound carry.

All of this I can get used to. I love having a separate kitchen area. The main living area has off-white walls, and all the doors are white — it just feels fresh and nice. And most of all, I love having a properly functioning bath tub. The old place would never drain properly, no matter how often I used non-draino-like-draino products (because I’d never actually use draino itself because that was forbidden in the lease). If it really was me or the cats clogging that drain, I would have clogged this new one 6 times by now. Anyway, happy to have a tub I can use and that drains properly and quickly. I’ve taken so many bathes here.

Anyway. After nearly two full weeks living here, I’m finally all here. … and now comes the fun part of unpacking everything. Which is a lot different of an experience with a smaller place…

need to unpack