the creation vs evolution debate

If you didn’t watch the Creationism vs. Evolution debate last night with Bill Nye and Ken Ham, you really missed out. (Ok, so maybe some of you find science and theology boring, but I’ve always loved both of them.)


First of all: Bill freaking Nye. Still someone I really admire. Secondly, you know, well, as I mentioned, I really like both science and theology.

Now, I know a good handful of people watched just to bash on the other side. And, well, knowing most of my social feeds, they were watching to bash on not only creationism but Christian religion as a whole. Which, yes, does bother me some.

Though I consider myself a Christian, I don’t agree with creationism. However, that’s not really the side that’s been getting under my skin. I don’t know, maybe it’s easier to ignore them. Or maybe that in some way I admire their faith — though, again, no I don’t agree with creationism. But what I don’t get are the people who just can’t see any room at all for people to include religion in their understanding of science.

I tend to believe that science and theology can go hand-in-hand. Yes, intelligent design. However, whether God* created the world in 7 days or millions of years doesn’t make the fact that we’re here today and everything that’s happened in the moments from the beginning to now to be any less amazing. Hi. We’re here. We are complicated beings living in an intricate and complicated world — and that’s freaking cool. And maybe the universe was created through the big bang. We don’t know what started or was before the big bang at this point. (Bill Nye will tell you this in the debate.) It could just be something that happened or it could be something set in motion for a reason. Let me reiterate the it’s freaking cool regardless point.

None of these things truly have a direct impact on my faith journey. Because when it comes down to it, I don’t believe that God is any less great because science proves or explains something. So the more you tell me about science, the more awesome I actually believe God is. And I’m not saying any of this to try to convince anyone that God does exist. This is just what I believe.

However, discrediting me because I choose to believe in God… What does that really accomplish? If you watch the debate, you’ll be introduced to amazing scientists who made great advancements for us who happen to be Christians, or who even happen to be Christians who believe in creationism. We’re getting so caught up in this origin story that we’re missing out on all the good that is happening when we actually stop and work together.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Our differing beliefs are not going to have a major impact on my personal beliefs. I mean, as well as having religion-bashing friends, I’ve also got a small chunk of my family who believe in creationism. Just because I don’t agree with either of them doesn’t mean I love them any less. I’m going to keep going on my faith path. I’m going to keep trying to treat everyone with respect and kindness. Because that’s the greatest thing we can do for people.

So yeah, we don’t have to agree on everything. But just because we don’t share the same beliefs, doesn’t give anyone the right to be a dick.**

*I say God because for me, that’s the deity that I follow and the name I use. It’s my understanding of a faith figure head.
**Not getting into the wormhole that is beliefs that promote hate, mainly because the sole tenet of those systems is dickishness.

Also: regardless of what side you may support, can we applaud a good show of a debate? Much better than any of the political ones we have to deal with.