100% complete: Victory, Lego City style.

So earlier this week, I reached a milestone. After 70-ish hours, I finally finished Lego City: Undercover.

I’d beaten the storyline last May, after 30-some odd hours of playing. Basically, I spent Memorial Day weekend doing nothing but playing this game. And it was a blast. But, after the storyline was done, well, some of the excitement was lost on me. So I put the game away.

At least until about a week ago. I had taken my Wii U with me to visit my family back in November. Lego City Undercover was the biggest hit with my brother and niece. Watching them love the game re-sparked my interest in it. Then life hit… but, things settled down a bit so I decided to give it another go.

The storyline only really consists of about 30-40% of the total game play. The rest is made up through accomplishing challenges throughout the districts. Things like stealing cars, capturing car thieves, arresting gangs, putting out fires, time trials, acrobatic free runs, catching aliens, smashing boulders, finding pigs (and then shooting them off in a canon), watering flowers, drilling thrill challenges, and rescuing cats. Also, hidden throughout the districts are various character and vehicle tokens. (Which you can also get for accomplishing some of the above.) All-in-all there are 290 characters and 110 vehicles. (Oh, and you have to collect all of the gold and red bricks too.) Some of these are found by going back through the special assignments and free playing.

Oh, and did I mention all the fun little Nintendo surprises they hid in there too? Yeah.

It all makes for a lot of fun, even with the missing storyline. Granted, of course, I wish there were DLC additional storylines, because I really don’t want this game to be over. And really, thinking back, I think this is the first game I’ve actually gotten 100% on. I’ve beaten a good number of games, but never with 100%.

Lego City Undercover 100%

So what do you do after completion? Use the mega-figure extra that comes with 100% and recreate scenes from movie monsters.



It’s frankly a proud day, but well… I’m sad it’s all over. So I bought Lego Lord of the Rings* with a giftcard I got for Christmas. It should be here on Tuesday.

*I wanted The LEGO Movie Videogame, but well, it’s currently out of my budget. Not that I’m not excited about the LOTR game, though, since I’m slightly obsessed with Tolkien right now. (Also: apparently I’m obsessed with Lego video games. Or rather, all things lego.)

Also: I received Lego City Undercover as a gift from Nintendo and Brand About Town. I’m still not being compensated to blog about the game, and as always, all thoughts are my own.