better late than never, but here are my goals for the year

I finally buckled down and got a lot done in the apartment this week. I’ve got some boxes to take the dumpster, one storage box that doesn’t fit anywhere, a few last things to put on the wall, and, well, the kitchen to finish… but it’s almost done. It actually looks and feels like I live here, rather than just eat and sleep here.

And with this stuff finally getting taken care of, I’m finally able to start thinking about what I want to do and accomplish this year. I mean, a month past new year’s is better than never, right? And honestly, I’ll be thinking about growth and goals all year, updating things as necessary. (It’s just what we do.)

So. Here are the things, thus far, that I’d like to accomplish this year:

→ Job. With insurance. Number one priority.

→  Grad school. Once I get a job, I can figure out how to make this possible.

→ Establish a writing schedule. And maybe get more involved in a writing community again.

→ Read 50 books.* (This includes short stories and comics, because length does not equal quality.)

→ Learn how to properly utilize accessories. And you know, not be afraid of buying them.

→ Couch-to-5K. Participate in at least three 5Ks, but run in at least 1 of them. And definitely one with sister #2.

It’s been a rough start to the year, but I’m ready to move forward and focus on enjoying the present and exploring what’s next.