Let’s talk about books.

A while ago, I discovered this thing called “booktube”… Where people go on YouTube and talk about books and authors and all things literature. Frankly, this all sounds like the most amazing thing ever.

For a while, I had thoughts of joining in. I was sort of in a YouTubing habit at the time anyway. But, between all that’s happened in January and still attempting to get settled from the move… The likely hood of anything I even film getting put together and online is slim. But I still want to talk about books, so, well, why not use the outlets that I’ve already established?

Ok. So it actually turns out my favorite thing is now instagraming selections from what I’m reading. Which right now is Fellowship of the Ring.* I’m sort of in a Tolkien kick right now, what with watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey almost daily since I moved.** But it’s been fun sharing little snippets of what I’m reading.

Lord of the Rings - Council of Elrond

But! I do want to get a little more in depth about what I’ve been reading, and of course talk some about various books and stories I’ve read in the past. You know, something beyond just GoodReads… It feels like I really only get a chance to talk about books and writing when I’m in a classroom. I’m ready to make it something more prominent in my life because it’s something I love.

So, I’m going to start gathering my thoughts on the books and stories I’ve been reading, and hopefully we can have some fun nerding out over literature and comics together. Maybe here in a little bit we can do a little bit of a blogger book club and read something together. What do you think?

*For some reason, this post was sitting in my drafts for a little more than a week… So I’m actually on Two Towers now. (Along with the 4 other books I’m reading.)
**Seriously, for the most part, I’ve watched at least 30 minutes of the movie almost once a day since I moved. (And, um, many of those occasions may have also included a bubble bath. What?)