goodbye, dear laptop…

For someone who does a decent amount of design and computer-reliant work, it might come as a shock as to the state of my main laptop.

Photo Feb 26, 10 40 59 AM

What’s worse is how long I’ve put up with this.

That main band of damaged pixels started occurring about 3 years ago. It flickered a lot. It was like having a little rave off to the side of my screen. Rather distracting, as you might imagine. Eventually the flickering stopped, and it’s just been this striped strip. In the last 6-9 months, the screen to the left of the strip started changing.

For the most part, I’ve adapted well. The majority of the screen is still currently unaffected… And I attempt to memorize the menus that are hidden behind the strip. However… well… My computer has been deciding late that it’s just tired. It’s done. It doesn’t want to open up programs or even process things from the internet, so it’s just going to take it’s time doing so. Which is just becoming more and more frustrating to me. It’s like I’m back on my computer from middle school.

Under normal circumstances, I’d use my tax refund and pick out a newer machine. But, well, not normal circumstances and my tax refund needs to be budgeted like crazy to cover rent and other bills until I have a stable source of income.

It sort of makes me wish I was open to switching operating systems — it would be a lot cheaper in the long run, but it’s just not something I want or am willing to do. So basically I’m just putting this out to the universe: if anyone has leads on a reasonably priced MacBook, I would love to hear from you.