It’s been a good week.

You know, for the most part, it’s been a really good week. A quiet week, really, but still a good one.

» I had two really good interviews recently. Both positions sound awesome. However, one of them we’re in the checking of the references stage, so that’s extremely awesome. Hopefully next week I will hear some really good news.

» Books. Books. Books. I’m inundated with reading materials. Remember my currently reading list? Add like 4 more books to it. I will be posting some reviews on the blog… but, well, I don’t want this to become a review dump. This is, and will always be, a personal blog. But like I mentioned before, I love literature and stories and want to find a way to include them here.

» Mucca Pazza is Sitting in Chairs again. I really like RevBrew, and not just because they feed us and let me use the soda gun whenever I want. It’s just a nice brew pub with a super staff. Also, I already knew I had amazingly talented musician friends, but holy crap. Seriously, Sitting in Chairs just pushes so far beyond that.

» I’ve really loved reading my friend Brooke’s blog, Now Faith. You should definitely check it out. She’s a cool gal.

» I re-watched Skyfall yet again, and thanks to a few images during the opening credits, I was able to get 4 pages of notes written for a new story. Felt good to get writing again. And I think I might be able to take parts of an older story that felt disjointed and blend some of that into this new one and refocus the other part of the old one. Now to just work on that discipline thing so I can finish these stories.

So, what’s gone on in your week? Any good highlights?