Gifts for Lit Lovers, a small list based off books I love

You know that thing where you get so wrapped up in a book you wish you could be in it? Well, that’s definitely happening with some of what I’m reading now.

You already know about my love for Tolkien, and I already have a couple pieces of Middle Earth stuff in my home. But, there’s always more. So, I made a really short list a few gifts/toys based on the literary worlds that I love. (And hint: my birthday’s in June.)

Gifts based off of Books

1. LEGO The Hobbit sets (prices vary)
I haven’t had legos in years. And I think all of my sets were given away. (If not they’re buried away in my mom’s basement.) I’m in love with the Hobbit sets, in particular the one shown, An Unexpected Gathering. I also want to collect all of the minifigures for the characters. Luckily you can find them individually on amazon.

2. Thorin’s Key replica ($30 from ThinkGeek)
Do I want a key to Erebor? YES. This replica piece is awesome. I also like the necklace version of this, but not sure how often I’d wear it. This, however, would have a prominent place on one of my shelves or tables. (Sadly this is out of stock for the time being. Fingers crossed they get more in soon!)

3. Out of Print coasters ($25 from ModCloth)
I don’t use coasters often, but most of them are boring. These are fun. I may not have read all of these books, but maybe these will be a nice reminder to do so.

4. My Little Cthulhu figure (rare)
These figures aren’t in production any more, but the companion set, Mythos Buddies still are. I’ve got a large tome of Lovecraft’s work and have enjoyed thumbing through his stories as well as others created using his mythos.

5. Arya Stark by Funko ($9 from amazon)
First, I love Funko. I would love an entire collection of Funko pop vinyl figures. But mostly, this Arya figure is the next on my list. And I love that she comes with Needle. I’d also like to get The Hound, Tyrion, Brianne, and probably Jon Snow. Oh. And Robb Stark. And all the direwolves.

6. Direwolf plush ($ from ThinkGeek)
Speaking of direwolves… I mean, come on. These plushies are adorable. I can’t wait for them to release Nymeria.

I realize there’s not a huge variety of books covered here. A lot of the books that matter most to me don’t have figures or toys built from them. I mean, I love Bukowski, but I don’t know if a Henry Chinaki figure is something I’d want. Unless there’s a major motion picture adapted from the book, the likelihood of anything being made is slim to none.

What are some things (toys, figures, or other collectable) based on books that you love that you would like to own, or do own and love?