Evanston Haul

Yesterday, I headed up to Evanston to drop off some paperwork. I decided while I was out I’d check out a few shops. I wasn’t planning on getting much, maybe a few tops or a book on sale… But I ended up with a decent haul. Most of which was on sale too!

Photo Mar 14, 3 57 17 PM

First stop: Crossroads Trading
I picked up a maroon cowl neck sweater dress and a blue patterned top. Was hoping to stumble across some sweaters or a new spring coat, but just didn’t find anything I liked. The dress is going to look great with leggings and belt. The blue top is lightweight and will be nice for this summer. Maybe I’ll model them on instagram later…

Second: Asinamali
I’ve never been in here before. Walked by it a number of times, but it just seemed like one of those boutiques for the Evanstonian ladies. But they’re going out of business and everything was on major sale. So I picked up a two-tier wire fruit basket and a pop out Golden Retriever figure. He’s pretty adorable.

Photo Mar 14, 4 14 31 PM

Next: Barnes & Noble
I was looking to maybe pick up a couple trades, but well, they’re quite a bit cheaper online. The convenience of having them RIGHT NOW just wasn’t worth the extra $5-8. So I decided to treat myself to some new vinyl blind boxes.

Photo Mar 14, 3 58 06 PM Photo Mar 14, 4 05 07 PM
Pony Batgirl_Catwoman

The Disney and the My Little Pony figures were mostly curiosities. I’m ok with what I got, but they weren’t my first picks. (Thus the story and beauty of blind boxes.) It was the DC figures I really wanted. AND I got the characters I wanted. Well, I wanted to get at least one Batgirl. After that any Batman or Catwoman would have been ok. So I am very happy with this haul.

Finally: Urban Outfitters
I’d been eying some of their jewelry racks online for a while, but apparently they’re all online-only. Also: holy crap all of their stuff is over priced. Thankfully I found a decent chunky cardigan in the clearance section. And… I also decided this Crazy Cat Lady mug was more than appropriate.

Photo Mar 14, 3 58 15 PM

Yes, I picked up things some things I didn’t absolutely need. But it was time for a treat. Time to get outside and walk around a lot — and shopping is a fun excuse to do so.