Bad Decisions: food edition

Oh man. The last few weeks, guys… I have been terrible with making good choices regarding food. Or, at least, healthier choices with food.

Even as I write this, I’m eating fudge filled cookies for breakfast. Mostly because they’re within arm’s reach and chocolate sounded good at the moment.

I’ve just gotten kind of lazy about food. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m still cooking. But, well, I’m relying a lot on pasta. That in itself is not bad, but all I’m really eating is grains, starch, and meats. The only vegetable I’ve really had is salsa. Last week I at 3 jars of it.

It’s not that I’ve grown tired of vegetables or fruits even… It’s more so that I’m just not that inspired to make a good meal out of them. Even if I spend hours on Pinterest, I’ve yet to find a vegetable dish that gets me excited. The ones that do are mostly starch based, which again isn’t bad, but I need some greens!

What’s worse with my food habits is that I’ve discovered that Burger King delivers. BK isn’t even on the top of my list when it comes to fast food. (And really, Wendy’s is the only burger joint I’d consider on that list.) But you know, sometimes you just want a burger and fries. And a chicken sandwich. And onion rings. And a chocolate milkshake. And a Hershey’s pie. I kind of hate to admit it, but I’ve already ordered from them twice now. And each time my stomach is full of regret.

Of course, at least it’s not Taco Bell that delivers, because then I’d have a huge problem. Like, daily tacos problem. (And it would be a wonderful problem.)

But yeah. I need to get back in a better habit of meal planning and choosing better snacks. And soon.

What are your tips? Favorite vegetable recipes? Favorite non-chip or cookie snacking items?